Mission statment:

The goal of The Virtual Zoo is to create an easily accessible learning environment for people of all ages, as well as to provide a safe environment for the animals so that they may eventually be released back into the wild. Animals that see humans on a daily basis are much less likely to survive in the wild, and we have found that by keeping them in habitats similar to their natural environments, and away from frequent human interaction, they are able to easily transition from captivity to the wild.



The Virtual Zoo currently holds many different species of animals, all of which are given ample space that is similar to their natural habitat. We limit our workers' interactions with the animals so that they are living almost completely human-free lives.

A List of Animals Currently In Captivity
Animals Currently In Captivity
Mammals Herps Birds
African Lions Tree Frogs Penguins
Giraffes Poison Dart Frogs Eagles
African Elephants King Cobra Kookaburra
Cheetah Komodo Dragon American Flamingos
California Sea Lion Emu
Southern White Rhinoceros
Red Wolf
Sumatran Orangutan